Payments in your pocket

Accept secure, instant bank payments from your customers through our One mobile app. Perfect for point-of-sale (POS) transactions or sending your customers a simple tap-to-pay link.

We eliminate share-of-revenue payment processing fees and settle instantly - at a market-crushing rate of just 1p per transaction.

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One is available FREE for UK charities.

A wonderful way to get paid

Wonderful's One app allows your customers to pay you easily and securely. There are no sort codes, account numbers or any other data to enter. Your transaction is sent instantly to your customer’s mobile banking app where they simply tap to approve.

How we stack up...
Slash fees with a single in-app subscription
£9.99 / month1,000 transactions
1.2% + 30pper transaction
1.5% + 20pper transaction

Slash transaction fees

Say goodbye to the costly percentage fees associated with credit / debit card payments. Our simple monthly subscriptions provide incredible value. Perfect for high-value transactions.

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Bakshi Motors
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Improve security

The best way to keep financial data safe is not to handle it in the first place. Unlike card payments, our direct, account-to-account payments mean your business doesn't need to request, process or store your customers' sensitive financial data.

Thank you
Your funds have been transferred to Bakshi Motors.
Amount £2,900.75
Payment date 13/02/2022
Reference BAKS000059201

To Bakshi Motors

Your chosen bank HSBC

Instant settlement

No more waiting for funds to settle. Payments become available in your business account in near-real time, just moments after your customer authorises their transaction.

One is provided by Wonderful Payments, an FCA Authorised Payment Institution. It is built using Open Banking standards to ensure transactions are simple, secure and cost-effective for everyone.

Simple features, instant settlement.

Everything you need to charge for products and services and get paid quickly.

  • Generate secure payment links

    Simply create an order for a product or service and share the generated payment link with your customer.

  • QR codes for in-person payments

    QR codes allow your customers to scan with their smartphone camera, select their bank and swiftly approve payment.

  • Full order and transaction history

    All previous customers, orders and payments are easily accessible through the One app whenever you need them.

  • Simple, transparent pricing

    Up to 1,000 transactions for £9.99 / month. Start today, cancel anytime. Need more volume? We've got you covered.

  • Payments with purpose

    By using One, you and your customers support UK charities with free fundraising services at no extra cost.

  • Always in your pocket

    Getting paid is only few taps away. The One mobile app comes with you wherever you go.

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Download the One app, connect your business bank account and we’ll have you up and running in no time.


Our subscription plans offer incredible value, equivalent to just 1p per transaction! Any transactions above your monthly allowance will also be charged at just 1p.


£9.99 / month

1,000 transactions (1p per transaction).

  • One POS payment app
  • Web administration
  • Order and transaction history
  • 1 x admin (additional admins: £9.99 / mth)
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£19.99 / month

2,000 transactions (1p per transaction).

  • One POS payment app
  • 1 x e-commerce integration, or
  • 1 x accountancy integration, or
  • 1 x One Public API key
  • Web administration
  • Order and transaction history
  • 3 x admins (additional admins: £4.99 / mth)
  • Additional integrations: £9.99 / mth
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Unlimited transactions (0p per transaction).

  • One POS payment app
  • Web administration
  • Order and transaction history
  • Access to Wonderful Org
  • Donate buttons for charity websites
  • 5 x admins
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Wonderful also provides integrations with popular e-commerce and accountancy platforms. We make setup a breeze, so you can start saving on transaction fees as quickly as possible.

Each integration is charged at an additional £9.99 per month. See our integrations page for more information.

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